and I heard him say
that she had the longest, blackest hair
the prettiest green eyes anywhere


i can’t wait to not have kids and spend all my money on myself



Stephanie Glenn



Do you ever think about all of the really nice drunk girls you’ve met in bathrooms and wonder how they are doing? I miss you all


Charlotte Olympia

What A Peach suede clutch

Girl Hate No. 3




I suppose I’m too late for the garden theme 


Posted for the awesome Menshevixen!

This was outside a local library. I want to go the workshop so badly, but alas, it is on the same day a the pride parade, National Aboriginal Day celebrations and the drag show. WHY? There is too much happening at once.


Staffordshire Roses Teapot


The Rainbow Hub, a media website for LGBTQIA persons, is looking to fill four writing positions for our site. We pride ourselves on offering content relevant to everyone in the LGBTQIA community, and to that end, we’re looking to bring in new voices to our staff. 

  • A book reviewer
  • An LGBTQIA POC columnist
  • A news writer
  • A features writer

We’re looking for folks who can contribute one to two columns a month, two book reviews a month, one to two feature pieces a month, and regular news pieces. This is a paid position, and we need writers who can commit to meeting deadlines. Please do not apply if you will not be able to maintain a regular schedule with us. For questions or to apply, please send us an email at submissions@therainbowhub.com including your preferred pronouns, a short writing sample, and your availability. Don’t forget to tell us a little bit about yourself.

Signal boosting is always appreciated.

❝ I am the sea and nobody owns me. ❞

— Pippi Longstocking (1997)


I fell asleep in my make up and I’m so ready for tour to start.

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